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All our timber buildings delivered and assembled free of charge within 20 mile
radius of Northallerton.
Please contact us for a quote to deliver
outside this area.
Please contact us with your measurements and requirements and we'll work out a price
Shed Specification


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Only quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our timber buildings:

Log lap
  • Standard (19x100mm)
  • Heavy duty (25x100mm) VIEW IMAGES
  • Manufactured using only high quality redwood timber machined to nominal sizes
  • Tongue and grooved log roll (19x100mm profile as standard)
  • Choose 25x100mm profile for a heavy duty alternative*
  • Floor: 50x50mm (2"x2")
  • Roof: 19x125mm boarding.
  • Not a thin alternative or OSB Board as used by other manufacturers
  • 50x50mm floor joists at 400mm (16")
  • Centres covered with 19x125mm tongue and grooved boarding
  • 19 x 125 boarding on 50x50mm (2x2") purlins, supported on 100x50mm (4x2")
    "A" frame or frames depending on the size of the shed
  • Covered with a strong 40kg green mineral felt
  • All our sheds have three hinges, a padbolt (which takes a lock) and a handle either in galvanised or black
  • Heavy duty turbo coach screws used ensuring the sheds are held together firmly - but they can also be easily removed if you need to dismantle the shed
  • Edges finished with a corner angle which covers the ends of the timber
  • Preserved with Barrettine premier wood preservative in either dark light or golden brown summer tan or red cedar
  • Our sheds don't need to be preserved straight away unlike other shed manufacturers who only dip their sheds which doesn't act as a preservative

*Additional cost of 10%

Optional extras

  • 25 x 100 log roll - add 10% to list price
  • 600x 600mm (2ftx2ft) window in Pilkingtons toughened glass £25.00
  • We can also make fitted windows at any size so your shed can be customised to your requirements


  • Change your shed into a workshop with extra headroom
  • Eaves 1.96m Ridge 2.22m
  • Price: Add 10%